Nuclear Power: Energy for the Future Essay

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Nuclear power is a technology synonymous with extirpate, radiation, health issues, and instability, but also mass energy production. Nuclear power has many common misconceptions, like these, and is often seen as a large risk. But rest assured nuclear power is the cleanest most immaculate way to power our growing nation, despite skepticism about safety concerns. Nuclear power is a way of harnessing the great power released by a nuclear fission reaction. Nuclear fission is, “an extremely complex nuclear reaction representing a cataclysmic division of an atomic nucleus into two nuclei of comparable mass. This rearrangement or division of a heavy nucleus may take place naturally (spontaneous fission) or under bombardment with neutrons, …show more content…
That’s one million times more energy per kilogram of fuel! This plentiful and powerful source of energy is used to power around sixteen percent of the world! An amazing number considering that a limited number of countries have access to this kind of technology. That number jumps to twenty percent for the U.S.A. and up to seventy-five percent for France, and seventy-six for Lithuania (Rahn). And all of this power has been made creating less damage to the environment. Consumption of fuel in nuclear reactors is around 2,000 metric tons per year, this is a miniscule amount when compared to the tons of coal consumed each year, which is currently 6.74 billion and expected to grow to a staggering 9.98 billion by 2030 (Marshall).All of that coal is burned and turned into pollution that is eradicated into the air. Uranium waste is carefully watched, as it is allowed to cool for several years. It is then mixed with glass and either stored in large containment centers or deep in the earth. The process of disposing radioactive waste is a very meticulous one and radiation is not treated lightly. All of this waste, the small amount that it is, is all made with no expense to the environment. The only byproduct of nuclear power that is released into the environment is water in the form of vapor. You may have heard of the recent disaster in Japan and the nuclear power troubles that they are having due to the devastating earthquake. This has led some people to come

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