Nuclear Power In The Film Fiend Without A Face

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The characters in Fiend Without a Face were afraid of the unknown, and specifically how technology was a gateway to advancement, but also how it could be the rise of destruction. In the film the characters were afraid of the countless murders and their unknown explanations. However, the peculiar murders were eventually connected to the work of psychic researcher, Professor Walgate. His hidden experiments surrounded the concept of materializing human thoughts, which was the main reason behind the power fluctuations. These power fluctuations resulted in the creation of invisible brain-monsters. These attacks by the monsters were terrorizing the civilians because the murders were so unpredicted and unpremeditated. When the creatures attacked the plant operators, a massive surge of…show more content…
This scares the audience because the fear of being helpless against new technology is too much of a real feeling; the anxiety of these catastrophes actually happening overwhelm the viewers. The realistic nature of these disasters and the idea that they could honestly occur within our evolved community brings fear into those who watch Fiend Without a Face, thus illustrating how nuclear power has been a fear since its discovery. Nuclear power has been particularly scary for our society from the beginning of its discovery to present day, even with our technological expansions and scientific revelations. Humanity’s curiosity thrives off the risk of new creations and encounters, whether it’s been seen in a positive or negative way. In The Rise of Nuclear Fear, Spencer R. Weart says, “The brain’s record of emotions (“affects” in psychologists’ lingo) becomes doubly important when people think about a risk, for example, bombs or radioactivity” (Weart

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