Nuclear Power Is Bad

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The brink of extinction for every living organism is coming to its deadline. Having any sort of nuclear power is a possible chance of having a nuclear disaster. There are numerous places that suffered from nuclear disasters throughout the world. Ranging from power plant breakdowns all the way to nuclear explosions. The use of nuclear weapons is an extreme threat to the whole world. One bomb can wipe out a city effortlessly and leave dangerous chemicals in the air. The sheer volume of resources just to obtain nuclear power is just bearable; the fact that the majority of the resources are nonrenewable resources. Therefore all of the treats is a tremendous hazard to the people, the environment, and the entire world and which is why nuclear power…show more content…
First, a nuclear bomb is extremely dangerous, which is why countries like U.S.S.R (Russia) or the United State didn’t use the bomb on each other during the Cold War. If the United States did not have that weapon during the Cold War, the country would not cease to exist. Second, the fear that the bomb creates protecting countries like: United States, Russia, United Kingdom, and six more not to use it on each other. Being able to hold such power proves why smaller countries do not invade or fight on the lands of the country that holds that power. In American history, there hasn’t been a war pertaining with an invasion to the country. Meaning that other countries are afraid of the power that America holds. Lastly, a powerful supply of power for many items. As the people can see, there are nuclear power plants across the world. The plants supply nearby cities, towns, and etc. with power to run the daily things in life. A nuclear power source isn’t just used to power civilian lives, there are some in military vehicles. The military uses the power to run a ginormous ship called an “aircraft carrier”. The nuclear source can make the ship last for an estimated time of thirty years without having to station. So nuclear power isn’t just a bad item that was developed. Nuclear power helps out a tremendous amount with supplying power to many things in the world and…show more content…
First, the nuclear power plant breakdown of Chernobyl. Chernobyl is now an abandoned city caused by a failure of a nuclear power plant; releasing dangerous radioactive chemicals in the air. The city had to be evacuated elsewhere to safety so less casualties are prevented. Second, the bombing of Hiroshima. During World War II America dropped the first atom bomb on Hiroshima, Japan hoping to end the war. The bomb killed around one hundred thousand people and tens of thousands more that were injured from the blast. Survivors of the blast had high degrees of burn and was exposed of radioactive chemicals left behind by the blast. The city of Hiroshima was left in ruins; buildings collapsed, crumbles of stone laying all over the city, and people walking over devastated from the effects. Last but not least, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. The 2011 tsunami in Japan caused people to evacuate Fukushima, leaving the power plant unattended. That plus the floodings of the tsunami made the plant unstable and releasing radioactive chemicals. The people who lived around the general area could not come back until the power plant was stable. The Chernobyl disaster, bombing of Hiroshima, and Fukushima Daiichi disaster all impacted on the environment, the people, and the living things that lived in the
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