Nuclear Power Is The Best Source Of Power Essay

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Mickey Eovine O’Sullivan 1st January 22, 2016 Nuclear Power Just about every part of today’s society involves energy of some sorts. But as our society progresses, the need for better, more efficient power sources must be addressed. Out of all of the choices, the most popular to date is nuclear power. Nuclear power is a growing industry that is getting mixed reviews from various sources. But which side is right? Is nuclear power the future? Or is it just another problem the world will have to deal with? The answer is simple. Nuclear Energy is the future and will power almost the entire world one day. Nuclear power is the best source of power because it produces lots of power, it produces clean energy, it is cheap, and it is sustainable. Before that though, a bit of history about nuclear energy. In 1789, Uranium was discovered by a German chemist named Martin Klaproth. Later on in 1902 Ernest Rutherford, discovered how radioactivity as a spontaneous event emits an alpha or beta particle from the nucleus that creates a different element. In 1919 he wanted a better understanding of atoms, so he fired alpha particles from a radium source into nitrogen and found that nuclear rearrangement was occurring, with formation of oxygen. Niels Bohr also did work to help better understand the work of atoms in the 1940s (Perera). Nuclear fission (the process that generates nuclear power) was discovered by Lisa Meitner and Otto Frisch. They were studying a puzzling result
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