Nuclear Power Is The Generation Of Energy

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By now, it has become alarmingly clear that we are in an environmental crunch. We are consuming the earth’s resources much faster than they can be replenished, and we have caused massive increases in the earth’s average temperature. A big reason for this is our enormous consumption of fossil fuels for energy, heat and transportation. One option for the amelioration of this problem that has been proposed for almost 70 years now is the use of nuclear power. Nuclear power is the generation of energy using nuclear energy, specifically through the fusion and/or fission of atoms. While the splitting and fusing of atoms occurs naturally all the time (mostly in the sun and other stars), the idea of civilian use of nuclear power has only been around since the end of the Second World War (1939-1945), in which nuclear weapons were first deployed. The weapons used in the conflict used nuclear fission, rather than fusion. Fission involves splitting atoms and harnessing the tremendous energy within them. Fission occurs at a (relatively) low temperature compared to fusion, hence why nuclear fusion has never been perfected by humans. Nuclear fission in reactors in achieved by the use of uranium oxide, which contains both Uranium-235 (which is used as fuel), Uranium-238 (which cannot, and is used as a filler and a diluent), and substances. Nuclear power has been touted as an abundant and clean energy source. While the first part is certainly incontestable, the “cleanness” of nuclear energy…

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