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Nuclear Power In a world of ever increasing population there is a need to find a way to provide electricity for the world. There many different ways that electricity can be produced but some of the options are better suited for the Central Valley than others. The debate over Nuclear power has been growing for years and it is now time to create a more reliable power source for the Central Valley. Nuclear power should be considered to be a reliable source of power for the central valleys growing population. Nuclear power has been around for many decades and has provided reliable power to the American people. The first reactor that was used to provide electricity was on December 20 1951(US). From that point on the industry has expanded…show more content…
This is an easy and effective way to create electricity and can be used reliably without much cause for concern. As seen in the diagram above the reactor in a nuclear facility is located inside of a building. That building is created from reinforced cement and is made to hold the fuel in case of an emergency. The opponents of nuclear power claim that nuclear power is not safe and it puts the general population at risk of radiation. They point towards the Chernobyl accident as reason that nuclear power should not be allowed. The Chernobyl accident happened in 1986 in the Ukraine and was devastating (Chernobyl). The accident occurred during a test and “By the time that the operator moved to shut down the reactor, the reactor was in an extremely unstable condition (Chernobyl). The result was the explosion of the reactor and the release of radioactive material into the environment. Yet another example opponents point to would be the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant failure. At the plant “equipment malfunctions, design-related problems and worker errors – led to a partial meltdown of the TMI 2 reactor core” (backgrounder). This accident was the worst in the United States and caused a review of nuclear power plants safety. Opponents argue that another accident will happen and they do not want to go through another accident like Three Mile Island or Chernobyl. Greenpeace has said that the use of nuclear power would “result in a

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