Nuclear Power : Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Energy

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Paper Topic:_____nuclear energy _________________ __________ Thesis Statement (Usually the last sentence(s) in the introduction): _____Should one find themselves in an area with nuclear a an option they should give it some true thought to nuclear energy due to the facts that Nuclear energy produces a lot of power while being both cheap and is very safe .___(Intro) _____12/2/1942 The world's very first nuclear reactor was brought on-line __then june 26 1954 .The first nuclear power plant came on-line if you do the math in twenty seventeen you will find that we the human race have had nuclear technology for 75 years .And in that time has been many countries have adopted it for which all comes down to three basic reason _ I_The first of which; the fact that nuclear power produces a lot of energy. In fact “One pound of yellowcake (U3O8) - the product of the uranium milling process) has the energy equivalence of 35 barrels of oil. One 7 gram uranium fuel pellet has an energy density equal to17,000 cubic feet of natural gas, 564 liters of oil or 1,780 pounds of coal”. Bbefore nuclear energy . never had the human race know an energy source with such energy density to put this into perspective the equal energy density of oil in uranium can fit in a space that is 1.45 inches cubed. 35 barrels of water can fill a small room . II The argument is made that uranium is hard to mine and refine and the cost does not justify the
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