Nuclear Power Provides Materials For Dirty Bombs

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Nuclear Power provides materials for “dirty bombs” which are nuclear weapons which have been made from nuclear waste material. This is bad because it will make nuclear war not only terrifying but inevitable. Since our planet is filled with countries that have governments whom are unreliable, and corrupt nuclear weapons can and will be pushed into the hands of unreliable people. Terrorist groups will have better access to nuclear weapons, and will be able to use them against whomever they choose. Governments may also use these nuclear weapons to serve some kind of twisted political agenda.
It seems plausible to imagine the government of Iran handing over nuclear warheads to terrorist groups that they have influence over like Hezbollah or Hamas. Similar concepts are present in North Korea, except if the world were to switch completely to nuclear power Kim Jong Un may not have to use Photoshop to demonstrate that he has nuclear weapons. During the cold war only a few countries had access to nuclear weapons, now imagine that everyone has nuclear weapons. Every country in the world, and every terrorist group has the power to blow up cities, countries, and together the entire world. [BOP]
Before Chernobyl, the catastrophic accident which occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, nuclear power was viewed as a greater green energy which would save us all. But this has been proved to be false because of all the different nuclear disasters. Nuclear Power plants are often built…

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