Nuclear Power Should be a Critical Component in a Strategy to Deal With Concern About Global Warming

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Nuclear power should not be dismissed and must be included as a major component of an alternative energy source to replace fossil fuels as it has the greatest potential to be the primary energy source in the future which can work together with other alternative renewable energy sources to combat global warming and to help meet the world’s growing energy demand Nuclear energy, which has historically been depicted as a dangerous and evil energy source, has recently seen renewed attention as an alternative form of energy and has been rehabilitated in the eyes of the public after rising concerns regarding global warming and a rise in the demand of energy (World Nuclear Association 2011). However, due to the March 2011 Fukushima accident,…show more content…
Furthermore, the lack of containment barriers is explained by Morris (2000, pp.25), as one reason why western countries would never allow a reactor similar to Chernobyl’s to be built in their countries. In addition, Chernobyl was similar to Fukushima in that this tragedy demonstrates the failure of government planners, not an inherent danger of nuclear power (Morris 2000, pp.27). Moore (2006) also argues that the Three Mile Island accident, which occurred 7 years before the one at Chernobyl, “was actually a success story”, as although the reactor was damaged, it caused no harm to the nearby population because the reactor was well contained with a concrete containment structure. In addition, McCarthy (1995), states that “nuclear energy has an exceptionally good safety record” and Chernobyl was the only accident with fatalities. A second argument against nuclear power is that it is not a clean energy source since nuclear energy produces radioactive waste that remains dangerous for hundreds of thousands of years and poses a threat to human health that can lead to cancer deaths, and an environmental-friendly solution to manage nuclear waste has not been found (Public Citizen, n.d). In addition, Mark Diesendorf (2007), one of the renewable energy proponents in Australia, argues that there are not enough facilities to store high-level nuclear waste in the world. Diesendorf (2007) goes on to contend that the solution

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