Nuclear Power : The Realistic, Smart Choice

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Andrew Bitting
Mr. Mumma
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April 12th 2016
Nuclear Power: The realistic, smart choice
After the Fukushima Daiichi accident, nuclear power was once again brought into the spotlight with one burning question: Is it worth the risks? Well, I believe it is, and that we can avoid those risks altogether if we do it properly. One of our biggest upcoming problems is climate change, and with solar and wind power not able to provide enough clean power, nuclear is the safe, reliable, realistic, and clean option. Nuclear power has always been marked as a dangerous source of energy. It is not. Nuclear power accounts for 20% of our electricity production, yet only 5 deaths can be attributed to it, none actually nuclear related, with 4 deaths due to electrocution and 1 death from a falling object (World Nuclear Association). We have had only three nuclear power accidents that resulted in nuclear contamination in the 65 years we have been producing energy; Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Fukushima Daiichi. Chernobyl was the result of a fairly primitive, unsafe design and untrained operators (Chernobyl). The disaster happened during a special test that should have been safe, but the operators did not follow the safe procedures. Even so, after the problems had already arisen, the operators could had turned back on the automatic controls, that is, just let the plant control itself, the disaster would not have happened. Three Mile Island also was mainly a result…

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