Nuclear Proliferation : Nuclear Weapons

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Nuclear Proliferation Nuclear missiles, nuclear bombs, nuclear wars, everything seems to have fallen into the same category, but nobody has really payed attention to the “big picture” and has actually took the time to realize what this is really about. Many people may ask what exactly is it that really seems to start up all of this, but will any other individual really be able to answer this type of question? Society needs to put in the time to really think about it and ask themselves “What is Nuclear Proliferation? How did it start? Who bothered to start and/or try to stop it?” Although it may be hard to understand, reading deep into this type of category may lead to things that no one ever expected to find out. What others may not know is that it has made a big impact into many nations that are now having to deal with these types of conflicts; but of course, unless an individual actually decides to look into it, they will never have a clue to what it is. Nuclear proliferation is put in effect as the spread of weapons to different nations that are not being recognized as Nuclear Weapon States by a treaty known as Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT). Which in most cases, it has been suggested that the decisions on constructing these types of weapons would be dictated by the interests on their very own governing domestic coalitions. Now, the nuclear nonproliferation treaty is a treaty by which its ambitions are mainly to prohibit the spread of any sorts of weapons
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