Nuclear Proliferation and Its Negative Effects

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Nuclear Proliferation Affecting The World in a Negative Way For the past thirty years, Iran and North Korea have been trying to develop and design a nuclear warhead, nowadays; American spies say that Iran has built a Uranium enrichment plant on Qum. Uranium enrichment is the hardest step in order to produce nuclear weapon, and North Korea has already tested nuclear weapons the past years. This is a way to prove that nuclear proliferation keeps increasing in the world and this could balance the world power in a negative way. If states that are directly against each other keep increasing their nuclear arsenal, the world could be ruled or at least influenced by an unstable military power determined by actions made with nuclear weapons. By…show more content…
Libya, another nation that was considered an immediate threat for the United Nations because of their nuclear development plans had recently promised to end their bombing-make labors and the American government state that “ The Success of [Their] mission in Libya underscores the success of this administration’s broader nonproliferation efforts around the world” . However of those two rogue nations North Korea is considered to be a bigger danger since unstable treaty which ended the Korean War didn’t eliminate the hostilities between the authoritarian regime of North Korean and the United States. Nevertheless, on 1994 Bill Clinton signed a treaty with North Korea that ended their plutonium production in exchange of energy supplies from the United States. This agreement ended when on October 2002, the assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs, James A. Kelly, visited North Korea and stated that the visit was “frank but useful” and “raised, in a frank manner, our concerns on a full range of issues, including weapons of mass destruction, missile-development programs, missile exports, North Korea's threatening conventional force posture, human rights failings and the dire humanitarian situation.” Right after this, North Korea Withdrew form the Non Proliferation Treaty and was kicked out from the United Nations and expanded their
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