Nuclear Tube Assembly Room Case

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Charles MacLean September 11, 2013 WGB-600 Case Analysis: The Nuclear Tube Room Assembly Introduction Harvard Business Review case, The Nuclear Tube Assembly Room, is an excellent example of how managing and leading a team effectively can make a substantial difference in terms of results and goals achieved, all the while creating new ambitious expectations for workers. This particular case revolves around Ralph Langley, general foreman of the process department at American Radiotronics Corporation. Within the first 24 months of being promoted to general foreman, Langley has swiftly changed the mentality and efficiency of the workers in the nuclear tube assembly room. He has changed their terrible reputation into one of the most…show more content…
As noted, brokers and innovators are the leadership roles associated with this model. The role of the broker is to build and maintain a power base, negotiate agreements, and present ideas. The innovators role is to be creative, initiate change, and sustain new ideas and changes. In this case, Langley exemplified leadership roles by single handily changing the mentality of the department soon after he took the position. Although this was a much-needed change for the departments personal, he did not show innovative characteristics by failing to create change regarding the production of tubes. Major change is needed in the process of the tube production. It has been noted by Harold Singer, “ The products and process here now are what they’ve traditionally been from almost the start”. This indicates that Langley needs to innovate and create new tactics and processes for the tube assembly. This would help American Radiotronics Corporation reach its goal of making the department a model show play for the company. Langley’s ability to quickly change the mentality is proof that he has innovative managerial skills. He must keep using these skills to help develop the department. Internal Process Model: Monitor and Coordinator In this model, the organizations effectiveness is based on stability and continuity. The internal process model expresses the process of measurement, documentation, and record keeping. The role of managers in this

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