Nuclear War Research Paper

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It has become clear, due to recent events, that the United States and North Korea have been under the impression of a nuclear war. I understand the opposition's view and would like to explain the ideas and beliefs as a member of your opposition. I think highly of the passion shown by your members to protect the United States. This is a time between the whole word or North Korea. However, I do believe that a nuclear war between the United States and North Korea will impact the entire world, not just the individuals directly involved in the war.
I mentioned early the idea of effecting the entire world. From the countless nations affected to the oceans and animals living across it. I acknowledge the question between helping countless people
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This mushroom cloud will block the sky causing plants to stop photosynthesis. The sun is the main source of energy for all living things. The sun may not directly impact humans, but the sun gives energy to plants in which gives energy to animals who humans consume. This balanced food chain is fragile enough, and with the presence of a nuclear war these chains can be changed forever. (Food Chains). There should not be a choice between United States and the whole world. The whole world is a family. Could you imagine the pain and suffering your family would go through? Still today, the Holocaust is not a distant memory. For some, the Holocaust still brings pain and suffering. If a nuclear war would happen, people and animals will be subject to pain and suffering, and for future generations not far from now will still feel the repercussions of a nuclear war.. Why cause this much suffering? Why bring pain to billions of people? Why risk total destruction over speculation? Nuclear war is not the answer to North Korea. You may think that nuclear ar is the only way, however, the only choice should be to save the world, save the animals, save the plants, and ultimately save
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