Nuclear Waste Causes

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Nuclear waste is produced from industrial, medical and scientific processes that use radioactive material. Mining and refining of uranium and thorium are also causes of marine nuclear waste. Waste is also produced in the nuclear fuel cycle which is used in many industrial, medical and scientific processes.
A tank or piping network that has at least 10 percent of its volume underground is known as an underground storage tank. Many underground storage tanks constructed before 1980 are made from steel pipes that are directly exposed to the environment. Over time the steel corrodes and causes leakages, affecting surrounding soil and groundwater. They often store substances such as petroleum that are harmful to the surrounding environment.
Global warming is a big problem. An increase in water temperature can result in the death of many aquatic organisms and disrupt many marine habitats. Global warming is a process where the average global temperature increases due to the greenhouse effect. The burning of fossil fuel releases greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere. This causes heat from the sun to get ‘trapped’ in the Earth’s atmosphere and consequently the global temperature rises.
Eutrophication is when the environment becomes enriched with nutrients. This can be a problem in marine habitats such as lakes as it can cause algae blooms. Fertilizers are often used in farming, sometimes these fertilizers runoff into nearby water causing an increase in nutrient
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