Nuclear Weapons And The World War II

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Nuclear weapons were a crucial aspect throughout the history of the Cold War. Scientific and military development in the early 20th Century had demonstrated the potential of atoms and other properties to create large-scale nuclear weapons. The developments of the arms race within the context of World War I and World War II further led to the emergence of nuclear weapons for combat. Countries such as the United States, USSR, and Britain also sought to create effective nuclear weapons. Subsequently, the major application of nuclear weapons emerged when the US dropped two atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. Whereas President Truman mainly sought to protect Americans from further deaths by launching atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the USSR posed a different question. Did Truman consciously drop the bombs to intimidate the USSR? Therefore, the Soviet Union interpreted the use of these nuclear weapons as an anti-Soviet move. This further set the basis of the Cold War and the nuclear arms race between the two countries. In this case, the United States use of nuclear weapons in the Second World War was crucial to intimidate the USSR and its emerging global dominance to set the foundation for the emergence of the Cold War.
The rapid surrender and destruction of Japan was a clear indication that the US had managed to become a global leader in weapons development. However, there was also more reason to suspect the real reasons for the use of nuclear weapons in

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