Nuclear Weapons Are The Most Deadly

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Nuclear weapons are the most deadly, destructive, and powerful form of technology that the world has ever created. Officially, only 9 states out of 196 in the international arena have possession of them. Although nuclear weapons are being eliminated by states, they still hold a significant value for nations in the IR arena with a nuclear annihilation capacity. States within the international community that own nuclear arsenals are automatically feared and respected because of the status symbol they hold. Conversely, this prestige, power, and influence can also back fire on states and become a disadvantage. States can lose power in the international community by causing tensions and dividing themselves between states who don’t have these nuclear advantages. France is one country in particular that resembles a superpower with nuclear capability. France has gained power in the International community through NATO due to their possession of nuclear weapons. Overall, nuclear weapons still represent a great power in the International Arena today and will continue holding that power. The ability to produce and launch dangerous, nuclear weapons help states earn a negotiation power in the international community because nuclear power is equated to political power. A state that owns nuclear weapons is feared, respected, and seen as a country that nobody wants to wage a war with, because of the threat of nuclear annihilation. Once a state has possession of nuclear weapons it becomes “a

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