Nuclear Weapons Be Banned

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“There is only one way to get rid of nuclear weapons…Use them!” (Rush Limbaugh). The world has over 14,900 nuclear weapons 93% of them are owned by The United States of America and Russia. Nuclear weapons were first used in world war two. When they were first used they were very destructive and really put an impact on the world. Nuclear weapons are very deadly and are constantly getting redesigned to be more and more powerful. Not only do nuclear weapons affect people, they also affect the earth, the climate, and animals. Although nuclear weapons affect many things in the world they keep peace too. Nuclear weapons should not be banned worldwide. I believe nuclear weapons should not be banned worldwide. First off no country will get rid of…show more content…
They believe just by having them we could hurt the world. Many want them gone because of the power that they contain and the power they give. Others say that nuclear weapons affect mankind, and that it will destroy mankind for good. They want a worldwide ban on nuclear weapons because if they get into the wrong hands it could go drastically wrong. Many other people believe that if we get rid of nuclear weapons for good, then we will have complete world peace. They think that the world will be so much better off without weapons with so much power. People think that with nuclear weapons comes war. The way they want to get rid of the nuclear weapons is by dismantling them and throwing them away. Could you imagine getting rid of over 14,900 nuclear weapons? The cost of just doing that would be millions alone. Many people believe that nuclear weapons are the worst thing that mankind has invented and that they should be eliminated for good. People say that it affects the climate and animals, well they only affect the climate if the weapon is used. The countries that have the majority of the nuclear weapons are at peace with one another. They don't want to start war with each other, because they know of what can happen if they do. People need to worry about other things that are affecting the climate and animals the most. Pollution being one of the most worrying. Thus saying that it hurts the climate the most is not true and we shouldn’t even be worried about it.
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