Nuclear Weapons (Dangerous)

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Nuclear weapons are considered threats to the human race and have made the world an insecure residence for living organisms. Nuclear weapons are destructive weapons that obtain its force from nuclear fission and nuclear fusion reactions. Both of these procedures use the process of either splitting the atomic particles apart or joined together to absorb maximum energy. The questioning possibility of generating cumulative energy through the splitting of atoms was discussed during Rutherford’s time but was created through the famous equation of Albert Einstein in WWII. Nuclear Weapons were first conducted in Socorro, New Mexico on July 16, 1945 then used in WWII on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan. Decades later, nuclear weapons were a start…show more content…
Considering the graph, people who were exposed in a higher rate of radiation had a higher dead population. Other than this, nuclear weapons produce EMP waves (Electromagnetic Pulse) which electrifies all sorts of metallic structures paralyzing the whole electric system. A regular atomic bomb can wipe out 70% of America’s electricity devices.
This graph above shows how different alitudes of burst affects the area by an electromagnetic pulse. If the height of the burst is 30 miles, will affect at least a damage circle of 480 miles. EMP waves is dependent on the height of bursts. Therefore, countries being in possesion of nuclear weapons can cause future war with worldwide destructions. Condersing the potential destruction it makes, this makes it tempting for terrorist groups to accquire it. By having more nuclear weapons , it increases the posssibilty of the nuclear weapons falling into the wrong hands.
With more than half of the world equipped with nuclear weapons according to the diagram above, it shows how easy terrorists can achieve in transporting nuclear weapons around. Red colored countries represents the nuclear weapon states from the Non-proliferation Treaty with dark orange representing countries possesing nuclear weapons. The purple color indicates the countries that have formely known to posses nuclear weapons and the light orange color countries are suspected for being in the process of developing nuclear
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