Nuclear Weapons Of The World

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The industrial revolution marked the start of the new face of the world with the improved development and quality of life. The revolution increased the rate at which new and complex discoveries have come to be across the world. Countries have over the years embarked on exploiting their natural resources to develop their economies and improve the standard of living of the residents. The international community has however raised issues on how the discovered resources are used because of the security threats that arise as a result. Nuclear energy is one the major discoveries made by a number of countries to provide power and energy for both domestic and industrial use. Nevertheless, the discoveries have raised significant threats to the…show more content…
Through the UN Security Council, it is clear that the Iran nuclear program should be evaluated and dealt with before it become too late. The council has in the past called for a suspension of the uranium activities in Iran to reduce the threat. In addition to the efforts of the UN Security Council, the International Atomic Energy Agency has also tried to intervene on the matter. The agency has increasingly requested for adequate information about the past activities and the plans on Uranium usage nuclear power development. The efforts by the international organizations have failed and hence the world powers including United States, Russia and Israel have decided to take up actions that are likely to reduce the threat to their nationhood (Blitzer, 2010). United States and Israel are passively involved in resolving the problem.
Diplomatic/Negotiation Efforts
The United States is aware of the fact that the failure by Iran to observe the UN obligations and failure of the international suctions to force Iran to drop its nuclear activities leaves the world with only two options. The two options include the diplomatic efforts and the military action. The lesson learnt from the Iraq and Afghanistan among other considerations forced United States to seek diplomatic negotiations. Washington is therefore instrumental to the formation of a six – country dialogue with Tehran to resolve the problem
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