Nuclear Weapons Should Be Carried Out

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The definition of a weapon of mass destruction is a chemical, biological or radioactive weapon capable of causing widespread death and destruction (Farlex).Nuclear weapons are the most destructive weapons the world has ever seen. They get their explosive power from transforming matter into energy. Nuclear weapons are classified as chemical, biological and radioactive weapons of mass destruction (FBI). Many people have venture in that their sizable power used during wars could destroy human development as we know it. The nations of the world have long request ways to standstill, limit, and slaughter these weapons of mass destruction and keep the use of them out of wars. The program of abolishing nuclear weapons should be carried out. I want nuclear weapons abolish so we won’t destroy ourselves, and stop terrorist from getting their hands on these weapons of mass destruction and destroying civilization as we know it and to prevent further damage. There are two types of nuclear weapons. Fission weapons, also called atomic weapons or atomic bombs, do so through the splitting of the nuclei of certain isotopes in the elements uranium and plutonium (Fission Device). When a neutron hits the nucleus of a uranium or plutonium atom in a certain way, the atom splits and releases a large amount of energy and two or three other neutrons. These neutrons then split other atoms, causing an explosive chain reaction (How Does It Work). The second type of nuclear weapon is the thermonuclear
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