Nuclear Weapons : The Side Effects Of Nuclear Radiation

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crush objects and cause high winds that knock objects over at the same time. What makes the blastwave so dangerous and effective is it travels 30k/m a second 100 times the speed of sound. Large buildings, people, and other objects are destroyed in a matter of seconds if they are near the detonation point. A blast wave is the main killer in a nuclear blast. Radiation Radiation is a big part of why nuclear weapons are terrible to have. The reason why radiation is bad is because there is no process to get rid of radiation in a short amount of time. Nuclear weapons are also a bad idea to have because The effects that radiation can cause last for a very long time. (Atomic Archives, 2015.) The lifetime of nuclear radiation can depend on how…show more content…
Another example of why nuclear weapons are bad to have is because in the United States they have facilities to treat between 1,000-2,000 people for severe burns. But if one single atomic bomb were to drop it could cause more than 10,000 severe burn cases that is. That adds up to be 10 times of the amount of cases the United states could handle. Thermal radiation can also cause houses and gas lines to ignite. Causing major fires. Thermal radiation would set an country into desperation mode. The Damage to Humans Nuclear weapons were created out of greed and fear of winning wars and being powerful. They were created to destroy cities now imagine what they can do to humans.(Atomic Arvhive, 2015.) nuclear weapons have major effects to humans. But just how much damage is done to a person depends on how close they are to the detonation point, what kind of radiation they are exposed to and how much of it. If a person is not killed by the detonation of a nuclear weapons they still suffer side effects. Some effects that can happen shortly after a nuclear bomb goes off with in a certain range of a human is there hair fall out fairly quick. If exposed to alot of radiation the brain cells will shut down. All of This unnecessary

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