Nuclear Weapons : Useless Investments For Security

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Nuclear Weapons: Useless Investments for Security in the 21st Century
Since their invention nuclear weapons consist the most destructive and lethal weapons of the world history. But having a nuclear weapon stockpile does not necessarily provides an ultimate immunity against security threats. Despite its theoretical deterrence, using one of them is a highly contested issue. Even under extraordinary circumstances, such as massive terrorist attacks or conventional wars which are more likely than any other security threat, deciding to use nuclear weapons would have more serious consequences.
Nuclear weapons’ massive destruction capability and huge effects on human beings are the main sources of contention about their usage. As a result of the
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These concepts are still being mentioned with nuclear weapons. From one aspect, as long as nuclear weapons exist, they are all valid strategies. But in practice these concepts have no room to be applied in today’s world.
Firstly, nuclear weapons have insane destructive capacity which makes them solely dangerous. These weapons are able to kill huge numbers of people without recognizing any distinction. Hiroshima and Nagasaki experiences indicate that today’s nuclear weapons, which are more powerful than the Fat Man and the Little Boy, can kill millions of people at a very short period of time.
In this frame, thinking about biological and chemical weapons can give us a mainstay. Biological and chemical weapons are also means of mass destruction. They are able to kill and/or disable huge number of people as well as nuclear weapons. The international community banned the use of chemical and biological weapons after World War 1 and reinforced the ban in 1972 and 1993 by prohibiting their development, stockpiling and transfer. The use of nuclear weapons have much more destructive and lethal consequences. Even it does not seem likely, nuclear weapons should be banned by the international community with the same reasons. Furthermore, effects of the nuclear weapon use will not be limited to the people exposed them today. Next generations would suffer as well. Birth defects
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