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B. Nucor (NUE) was ranked the first of steel producer in the U.S., and the first “mini-mill” operator, with operating facilities in 14 states. Nucor’s products include sheet steel, bar, structural, plate and others. The company was known for its aggressive pursuit of innovation and technical excellence, rigorous quality system, environmentally friendly products. Nucor’s core strategy is that of cost leadership through the use of technology; it is known as being the low-cost provider. Most business is conducted in the U.S., but the company does have foreign operations and looks at international expansion as a strategic opportunity.
C. In the early of 2000, Nucor followed growth strategies
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Iverson was a leader who walked the talk. He proved himself as a “Master in crafting and executing a low-cost leadership strategy and he made a point of making sure he practiced what he preached”. In 1968, Nucor integrated backward into steelmaking due to the benefits of supplying its own steel requirements for producing steel joists and the opportunities to capitalize on newly emerging technologies to produce steel more cheaply. Until now, Nucor Corporation is one of the largest steel producers and the largest steel scrap recycler in North America. Nucor Corporation remains Operation as series of low-cost, highly productive steel mini mills utilizing scrap and Metallic Raw Materials, together with Technology as Electric Arc Furnaces.
II. Main problems identification
I. In the recent decade, Nucor Corporation has faced to several challenges which lead them to change their strategies or adapt new ones. In the scope of this report, main problems of Nucor Corporation will be analyzed comprehensively with the aim of reaching the most reasonable recommended solutions.
1. The increase of rival’s production capacity
J. Nucor competed in the markets for a wide variety of finished steel products and unfinished steel products, plus the markets for scrap steel and scrap substitutes. In detail, competition for

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