Nucor Swot Case Study

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Mission Statement
The following is Nucor’s Mission Statement from their company website:

Nucor Corporation is made up of 17,300 teammates whose goal is to "Take Care of Our Customers." We are accomplishing this by being the safest, highest quality, lowest cost, most productive and most profitable steel and steel products company in the world. We are committed to doing this while being cultural and environmental stewards in our communities where we live and work. We are succeeding by working together.

Strategic Profile and Case Analysis Purpose Nucor is a leading steel manufacturer and recycler in the United States. Their headquarters are located in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the company is made up of about 17,300
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The steel industry is also a predominately male-led industry. This is evident by Nucor’s leadership circle, and executives, where only one woman is present. This lack of diversity has an impact on the industry, and limits the potential of the industry with a mainly male run workforce.

Technological There have been many advances in the steel industry, especially many from Nucor. Although the steel industry hasn’t typically been seen as a technological industry, a lot of technology is needed to run the equipment and milling processes. A new development is the twin shell electric arc furnace, which would help mini-mills increase production, lower costs, and take market share, according to the case study. The article goes on further to describe the most important advances in technology, saying, “Today’s most productive steelmaking facilities incorporate advanced metallurgical practices, sophisticated process-control sensors, state-of-the-art computer controls, and the latest refinements in continuous casting and rolling mill technology.” Technology is needed to make the best products in the most efficient manner, and the steel industry will see more efficient and positive changes as technology gets better.

Clean air laws are the main issues involving the steel industry. The Environmental Protection Agency has enacted many federal and state clean air rules as steel

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