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“Nuit of the Living Dead” by David Sedaris “Nuit of the Living Dead” written by David Sedaris, the setting in rural France leads to part of the comedic element of this story. Reading this story very much feels like trying to follow an ADD chipmunk. There are generally several thought patterns running simultaneously throughout the entire thing. It’s a quick, fun, charmingly quirky read. One of the most charming parts is the internal dialog of the main character that’s constantly drizzled through the entire story. It lends such a drawing part to this story; makes it very much more captivating. About halfway into the story and it started to feel so much like a peek into my own mind that I couldn’t help but chuckle a little and think to…show more content…
The driver of the van struggles with a thick accent which no doubt had I been in the author’s position it would have taken a great effort to stay composed. Sometimes inappropriate, not so politically correct humor is some of the funniest out there, which this writer realizes and dances so delicately along the line between funny and crass. That’s what makes this story so charming for the most part. There is a line midway through that makes me snicker every single time I read it. “Either he had a speech impediment or the letter v did not exist in his native language. Whatever the case, I wanted him to say it again.” Paragraph thirty-four is probably my favorite in the entire story, the author is seeing his living room through the eyes of his guest. As he starts to scan his living room the oddities and slightly askew parts of his life leaps out at him. He starts to feel like he probably looks like a serial killer. It’s a very funny and quirky ride through what someone picks out with they come in a stranger’s house; unconnected and unrelated things to us in our everyday lives looks insanely intimidating and too ordered to just be chance to strangers. “There seemed to be a theme developing, and everything I saw appeared to substantiate it: the almanac of guns and firearms suddenly prominent on the

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