Numeracy And Privacy

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From comparing both my partners photo diary and mine, we came to the conclusion that we would analyse a photo from one of his entries. The entry that was chosen was an IPhone 6 phone plan from the phone company Optus. It was considered that this entry was appropriate for the task as it fits the criteria of not only having mathematical aspects but firmly relating back to Numeracy as well. It was also identified that there would likely to be ethical issue that could be investigated into from the entry, as phone are such a critical component in most peoples lives in todays society. From this it was considered by my partner and I that this would be an appropriate Numeracy task to explore and underpin the specifics of how it relates to Numeracy.…show more content…
As Geiger (2015) defines “Numeracy is a term used to identify the knowledge and capabilities required to accommodate the mathematical demands of private and public life and to participate in society as informed, reflective, and contributing citizens” which appropriate links to figure 1. As figure 1 is of a phone plan which a huge abundance of people would use as a financial technique to pay for a phone, it could be considered as a capability for which a person may chose to use. Another way that figure 1 relates to Numeracy is that people need to have knowledge before understanding if the phone plan is appropriate for the needs and lifestyle. Therefore it would be appropriate before considering to attempt using a phone plan to know the following things: contract length/cost, therefore understanding how much is to expensive and the time duration that you going to have to be prepared to pay off the phone plan, whether the payments are monthly, weekly, or fortnightly and how much the specifics cost using the plan are eg. Phone calls, SMS’s and the amount of data (ASIC, 2016). The last thing that majorly connects figure 1 and Numeracy together is the financial literacy relationship they have. “Financial literacy has been defined as a combination of financial awareness, knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors necessary to make sound financial decisions and ultimately achieve individual financial wellbeing” (Blue, 2015). This relates well to the phone plan as it would not be smart to use a phone plan without any knowledge about it nor if the plan did not financially suit your lifestyle. For example, using the IPhone 6 plan in figure 1, if you were not willing to spend $1800 over a 24-month period due to your financial status you would not choose this plan. Therefore from investigating the Numeracy relationship
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