Essay on Numeracy and Literary Scenario

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This is the first assignment of the subject of EDF 1307 Early Literacy and Numeracy which require me to observe and analyze of an everyday literacy or numeracy scenario of a young child. First of all, I will talk about the background of the scenario; follow by the description of the scenario, analysis based on mathematical concept and literacy component, evaluation of the scenario, recommended activities and the conclusion as well. The references will be provided after the conclusion.

Background of the scenario:

The scenario took place in the living room in my mother’s friend house. The child that I observed is Aunty Suan’s daughter which is Jora, 4 years old. The participant involved were five of
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Then during the play, I will try to ask some open- ended questions in order to expand her ideas and thinking. Besides, I also need to make sure that the questions that I ask sound more like an exchange of information. For example, I will come out with the questions such as, “What do you think if you did not send your baby to the doctor?”

Besides that, during the play, I also can take a role as the doctor and give the child instructions such as giving the sick doll 3 red pills and 2 yellow pills. In this case, the child can learn about sorting colours and number as well. In this case, I also can introduce the concept of addition to the child. For example, I can teach the child to do the equation of 3+2=5 using their fingers.

Furthermore, during the play, I also can introduce the pattern of telephone numbers such as 2 digits followed by 8 digits to make a call. Then, if the child has master the skills, I can also introduce to the child the pattern of telephone number in different country so that she will develop a new knowledge and get to learn new things of their everyday life experiences.

On the other hand, I also can introduce the math’s concept of time when facilitate the child’s playing. For instance, I can teach her the timing for giving the sick baby medicine. In this case, the child will get the
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