Numerology in The Odyssey How numbers are used throughout The Odyssey by Homer and how they all symbolize different events or characters in the book

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Numerology in The Odyssey

"Everything is named or numbered, but few people are conscious of the degree to which names and numbers influence their experience, progress, and communication," declared Juno Jordan, the "grandmother" of numerology (qtd. in Lagerquist and Lenard 4). Numerology, the language of numbers and moreover the study of how they relate to our lives, speaks about the hidden worlds contained within the simplest numbers. Numerology attempts to analyze numerical information, and makes a determination of the implications and associations that these numbers have (Kelly 10). This metaphysical science has its roots in the ancient cultures of Greece, Rome, and Egypt, and also has ties to the Hebrew Kabbalah; it has unlocked the
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This number is related to people who work better when part of a duo instead of as a member of a group, or even all alone (Heyss 32). This number represents cooperation and as a result is often associated in literature with people who are best when working for and interacting with other people. There are several occasions in which Homer uses the number two when speaking of such people as servants who are cooperative and are therefore reliable workers. One such occasion is in Odysseus 's instructions to his companions on the island of the Lotus-Eaters in which he sends two men to accompany the herald in learning about the island and its inhabitants (Homer 9.90-93). There is yet another situation in which two handmaidens accompany and attend Penelope when she appeared before the suitors (Homer 18.206-207). Nausikaa also slept beside two handmaidens who lay on either side of the bedpost (Homer 6.17-19) and moreover Melanthios, driving the goats which would be the suitor 's dinner, was followed by two herdsmen (Homer 20.173-175). Such duos, as can be seen by those presented by Homer, prefer to have somebody around to tell them what to do - a portrayal of the meaning of the number two.

The number three represents synthesis and essence; it 's influence is evident in almost all religions and philosophies, as well as in mythology (Heyss 34). The number three is embedded in the symbolism of many powerful trinities: the Maiden, Mother and
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