Numerous Accomplishments of Johann Heinrich Lambert

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Johann Heinrich Lambert was born 26 August 1728 in Mulhouse, present day Alsace, France. His father was a tailor named Lukas Lambert, whose father was also a tailor. The family was not well off and at the age of twelve young Johann Lambert he had to begin working for his father which forced him to leave school. As he continued to work for his father he did not forgo his studies. He filled his time in which he was not helping his father with reading and learning scientific subjects on his own. He had a desire to learn and expand his knowledge that drove him to study. Even without a formal education or teachers to lead him he learned on his own beginning at a young age. At the age of fifteen he began work as a clerk to support his family and…show more content…
In color theory Tobias Mayer was a big influence on Lambert. Tobias Mayer’s color triangle was first published in 1775. The physicist Georg Christoph Lichtenberg published the color triangle in an edition called “Opera Inedita”. This was a suggestion of Johann Heinrich Lambert, who had used the Mayer triangle three years previously. A colortriangle operates with the three basiccolors cinnibar, massicot and azurite and gives all mixtures in which at least one twelfth of another color is added to a basecolor. Black and white are treated as the representatives of light and darkness, which in turn either lighten or darken the colors. In 1758 more than half a century after Newton’s Optics had appeared the German mathematician and astronomer Tobias Mayer (17231762) gave a lecture to the Gottingen Academy of Science entitled “De affinitive colorum commendation” (historical system), in which he tried to identify the exact number of colors, which the eye is capable of perceiving. He chose red, yellow and blue as his basic colors, and vermillion, mascot and azurite as their representatives amongst the pigments. Black and white was considered to be the agents of light and darkness, which either lighten or darken the colors. Lambert was an expert in science and math. He was not very interested in the arts until he was trying to explain light in space. Lambert attempted to explain the structure of the universe in his writings. About the time he was writing about his theories,

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