Nunavut in Canada´s Northen Territory Essay

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April 1st, 1999 a new territory was created when new boundaries were drawn in Canada’s northern territory, the Northwest Territories. The Inuik people that lived in the Northwest Territories were the reason behind the motivation for the separation. After a long hard process, filled with agreements and disagreements, Nunavut was finally declared its own territory and was separated from the Northwest Territories.

Nunavut, which in Inuktitut means “Our Land”, was the first significant change to the map of Canada since Newfound land and Labrador joined confederation in 1949. The idea of separating the Northwest Territories to create a new territory dates back to the 1950’s. The non-aboriginals of the Northwest Territories in the Mackenzie Valley pushed to divide the western part from the east in hopes to allow the west to move more rapidly towards a responsible government. The desire for their own government is what kept them motivated throughout the long process to divide the territory. In 1963, the idea of separation became even closer to a reality for the Inuik people. The federal government had introduced the idea to divide the Northwest Territories into the Mackenzie and Nunassiaq territories; it was later in that year that the legislation died on the paper. Later in 1966 it was recommended by the commission that the Northwest Territories should not be divided.

Inuit Tapirisat of Canada revisited the idea of separation in 1976. It proposed the creation of…