Nundies case study

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Nundies Case study 1. How would you characterize the situation facing Advanced Materials with respect to Nundies in January 2008? Nundies means no undies which are disposable thin panty that made for woman who like invisible panty lines and wish to wear thin liner instead of wearing traditional under wear. Nundies sell its product through different channels but mainly through women’s specialty shops which counted 242 in 2007. It also distributes its products online at its official website as well as many other store websites. The main purpose of Nundies is to offer women who dislike underwear a convenient and comfortable product. The biggest advantage for Nundies is that there are only substitute products available in the market,…show more content…
Based on the survey research from 1042 women aged 18-49 years old, 84% of women have interest in eliminating panty lines products. Among them, 58% women tried to eliminate panty lines by wearing no-seam panties. Only 22% women wear no panties at all as a solution for eliminating the panty lines. This means the majority customers prefer to wear something than nothing. 81% of women are interested in not underwear product that has the function to provide comfort and hygiene benefits. 35% of women would wear this kind of product 3-5 times per week which ranked the highest followed by the group of people who prefer only to wear 1-2 times per week with the percentage of 29%. Among the people who would wear 3-5 times per week, age 30-35 ranked the highest which account for 39.8% while 41.7% of people age 18-24 show that they would use this kind of product only 1-2 times per week. About the distribution channels, 64% respondent said that they prefer to purchase no panty line product from mass-merchandise stores such as Target and Walmart, followed by midlevel department stores 49% and online purchase 41%. Women’s boutique ranked the last, only 28% customers would shop this product in there. However, 53.1% of customers would seek out this product online/internet if they knew it was for sale which ranked the highest among other channels. Therefore, online selling have bigger potential and should not be neglected. In
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