Nur/403 Watson's Theory of Human Caring

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Watson's Theory of Human Caring Kimberly Garcia NUR/403 June 24, 2013 Athena Brummett Watson's Theory of Human Caring A caring moment can be defined in many different ways by many different people. To me a caring moment between a patient and a nurse is when a nurse gives the patient their undivided attention. The nurse should take the time to listen to the patient and provide appropriate feedback reassuring the patient that they are being heard and the information as well as them are important. If the patient will allow the nurse to touch them this can be a very comforting gesture even if it is just a brief touch to the hand. Also repeat what…show more content…
When he came into the examination room he was different, I had his medication record and a record of his vital signs and blood glucose checks but had not looked at them. He started to talk before I had a chance, he told me that when he left from the previous visit that he went back to his room and prayed the entire night. He said that God told him that he needed to start following his treatment plan. I than looked at his records and saw that he had been taking all of his medications and that blood pressure and blood glucose numbers were decreasing. I could not believe it, I just looked at him dumbfounded. The patient told me he felt great and that I needed to keep continue what I was doing because I really did make a difference and had changed his life. I must have looked so silly because I was crying and smiling at the same time. He said that he just could not believe that someone cared that much about what happened to him. I continued to see that patient for several more months, and he would tell me how he had started to repair all of the relationships in his life through understanding, forgiveness and god. I learned that I should continue to care for the whole patient with love and accept them for who they are (Caruso, Cisar, & Pipe, 2008). Continuing to show this patient how much I cared through my perseverance made a difference in both of our lives. I created a healing and

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