Nur 405 Windshield Survey Essay

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Windshield Survey with Reflection
Sarah Kinnard
NUR/405 Healthy Communities: Theory and Practice
November 7, 2011
Beth Edwards, MSN, FNP- BC Windshield Survey
The first step required for providing community health nursing services involves a comprehensive assessment of the community. This can be accomplished by a windshield survey, conducted by making visual observations from a car while driving through the neighborhood. Valuable information and data collection during a windshield survey can be used to identify the health-related needs of the community and evaluate the need for additional community health services. Delaware is divided into three counties; Kent is centrally located between New Castle and Sussex County. Kent
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The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force encourages rigorous behavioral dietary counseling interventions for adults with hyperlipidemia and other known cardiovascular and diet-related chronic disease such as diabetes (Healthy, 2011). Creating nutritional and physical activity worksite programs assist in the Healthy People 2020 objective to reduce the incidence of obesity. Another strategy to decrease the occurrence of obesity is to educate families on the importance of reducing the amount of time spent watching TV, movies, playing video games, or searching the Internet. To support families, alternative physical activities should be recommended and available for families. In an effort to fight obesity, Kent county needs increased public awareness of healthier food choices, availability of local fresh fruit and vegetables, and engaging in regular cardiovascular or strengthening exercise. This can be accomplished by a health fair sponsored by Bayhealth Medical Center, partnering with local farms, such as Fifer Farms, local fitness centers, and the YMCA.

Community Nursing Diagnoses
Community nursing diagnoses that support the endeavor of reducing the incidence of obesity include:
1. Altered nutrition, more than the body requirements related to consumption of excess calories as evidence by the

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