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Implementation of SBAR Training Program Sandeep Bains NUR/598 February 18th, 2013 Margaret L. Colucciello Section D: Implementation Plan 1. Proposed Solution Implementation Plan The first step in implementing this project will be for the author of this evidence-based practice SBAR (situation, background, assessment, and recommendation) program to approach the Director of…show more content…
The staff attending the educational session will receive the guide to take home and brochures on SBAR (Joint Commission, 2006). The author will set up the flyers to sent the information about the educational sessions, including venue, dates, class size, contact phone numbers, and program times to physician’s offices, local bulletin boards, and to all nursing departments. The advertisement will be placed in the local newspaper with the same information listing in the flyers. The SBAR educational program will develop by the author with the assistance of nursing director, and multidisciplinary team and will be presented by the multidisciplinary team appointed by the project director. Nutritious snacks, drinks, and lunch will provide by the Brampton Civic Hospital. 2. Resources Needed for Solution Implementation The multidisciplinary team consists of managers, nursing educators, and physicians are salaried employees and will prepare and provide these educational sessions during non- patient care hours and with no extra pay. The team will not only teach the SBAR tool and also provide educational sessions that provides information on communication styles, and strategies for collaborative communication. To keep the cost down, the author will present the majority of the education sessions and only one day for physicians in the series of classes. Brampton Civic Hospital is a teaching facility, has the auditorium,
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