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Friedman Family Assessment The Friedman Family Assessment is a tool used to assess the “family as a whole, as part of the whole of society, and as an interaction system” (Lancaster & Stanhope, 2008, p. 569). The Friedman Family Assessment has certain assumptions for the families that are assessed with this tool. These assumptions include the families are “a social system with functional requirements, a small group possessing certain generic features common to all small groups, as a social system accomplishes functions that serve the individual and society, and individuals act in accordance with a set of internalized norms and values that are learned primarily in the family through socialization” (Lancaster & Stanhope, 2008, p. 569). The…show more content…
D and V were both born in the United States. Environmental Data The Pedroza family lives in a single family home with two bedrooms and one bathroom. The house has a formal living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and a family room. The house has a large backyard. There is a back house on the property with a small living room, a bedroom, and recreation room upstairs. The parents of D live in the back house. The city in which they live in, Temple City, has more than 35,000 people. V has worked for a neighboring school district of San Gabriel for the last five years as a behavioral specialist. D works as a certified electrician and his job locations vary from city to city, depending on the location of the next job. The Pedroza family is very active in their city. Their children play baseball and softball at the local park and actively participate in coaching and volunteering their time in the activity. Family Structure Communication pattern among the family varies, depending on the situation. There are times when communication is clear and concise and there are times when emotions are heightened and tense, especially between D and V. V is the primary caregiver and primary keeper of the home. V and D do consult each other on issues that concern the children but V is the one who delivers the decision or message to the children. V and D both work and contribute financially to the family and household. D’s

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