Nuremberg Discrimination Essay

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What is discrimination? Why do human beings judge or perceive others as a threat just because of their religion or skin color? Discrimination has been going on for an extended period and everyone undergoes it at one point in his or her life. A group of people who faced discernment was the Jews. Discrimination of the Jews started when the German politician, Adolf Hitler, came into power. Hitler and his cabinet came up with the Nuremberg Laws that removed Jewish influences from the Aryan Society. The Nuremberg Laws also negated civil liberties for Germany's Jews. Several individual proceedings led up to the installation of the Nuremberg laws; two sets of laws were announced. Following the passing of the law, it severely affected an entire group …show more content…

As early as 1930, Frick had introduced a draft bill ‘for the Protection of the German Nation’ in the Reichstag, threatening draconian punishment for engaging in sexual relations with Jews and ‘coloured races’ (Hitler, 1889-1936: Hubris 564). It was essential to ensure that there would not be a German nation “contaminated” with Jewish blood. Some 15,000 cases were pursued under the Nuremberg Law’s ban on “mixed” marriages and sexual intercourse between the races, indicating that the search for a racially pure state was at the heart of police and judicial practice (Caestecker and Fraser). Jews could only marry Jews or half-Jews, and half-Jews could only marry Jews or other half-Jews. Quarter-Jews could only marry Aryans, although in practice they experienced difficulties in doing so (Background & Overview of the Nuremberg Laws). Marriages that had occurred prior to the passage of this law would remain in effect; however, German citizens were encouraged to divorce their existing Jewish partners (Goss). In addition, Jews were also barred from employing German women under the age of forty-five as servants and were not permitted to raise the Reich and National flag (Hitler, 1889-1936: Hubris

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