Nurs 439 Week 3 Research Database Assignment Essay

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NURS 439 WEEK 3 RESEARCH DATABASE ASSIGNMENT To purchase this visit here: Contact us at: SUPPORT@ACTIVITYMODE.COM NURS 439 WEEK 3 RESEARCH DATABASE ASSIGNMENT Guidelines and Grading Rubric Purpose You are to locate and document research databases that relate to a significant clinical nursing issue of your choice. The research databases may be labeled as such, or may be collections of research studies, reports, articles and/or findings that are not specifically called databases. Please note: Individual journals and journal articles do not meet the criteria for a research database, and therefore, do not qualify for this assignment. Course…show more content…
This is worth 15 points. 5. Locate a total of five research databases or collections related to your topic. Each research database description is worth 30 points. You may search for these in various locations, e.g., the Internet, an intranet at work, print publications, etc. You may NOT choose the databases that are already familiar to you – MEDLINE, PUBMED (which also indexes MEDLINE), GOOGLE SCHOLAR, and CINAHL. Instead, you are expected to expand your knowledge of evidence-based sources. Places to help you begin include your textbook, which lists databases and websites that report research. The Chamberlain online library ( gives you access to several databases and provide tutorials for searching. Government sites such as those at the National Institutes of Health offer collections of research on a variety of subjects. The key to choosing the databases is that each contains research-based evidence that also pertains to your topic of interest. 6. Review each database or collection to gather information to create a description for the assignment. Each description must: 1. identify the title of the research database; 2. describe the location of the research database in a way that a reader could find it. This could be a URL or an APA citation; 3. name owner or publisher of the source; 4. describe the research database. This must be in your own words and not copied and pasted from the original source. Include the purpose of the

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