Nurse Anesthetist As A Profession

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It is well-known that nurse anesthetist is highly specialized expertise that requires consistent commitment to lifelong self-learning and professional practice. It is a significant academic and professional challenge that provides the autonomy, emphasizes critical thinking and encompasses technological advances. All these are very attractive to me and exactly the reason that I want to be nurse anesthetist. However, I had never realized that in history, nurse anesthetist as a profession could be wiped out and not existed. The first day I came to Columbia CRNA program, I started to hear people talking about this book “watchful care”, a book documenting painful and struggling history regarding the practice of anesthesia by nurse. Though I didn’t read the book in the beginning of CRNA program, I had done quite a thorough research about this profession. I shadowed with nurse anesthetists, talked to them, trying to understand their job, the history of the profession, get the feeling of stress, passion and learn the good part and bad part of the job. Nationally, nurse anesthetists have been administering anesthesia to patients for over150 years, long before it was by physician specialty. I’ve know the long time conflict between physician anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist mainly about rights to practice to the full scope of their education and experience. However, it is until I read the book that I start to realize the longstanding turf battles between two professions are
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