Nurse Culture Assessment Essay examples

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Running head: CULTURAL ASSESSMENT Cultural Assessment June 14, 2008 Abstract In order to deliver nursing care to different cultures, nurses are expected to understand and provide culturally competent health care to diverse individuals. Culturally competent care is tailored to the specific needs of each client, while incorporating the individual’s beliefs and values (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2006, p. 90). By being culturally competent, nurses are able to help improve health outcomes by using cultural knowledge and specific skills in selecting interventions that are specific to each client (Stanhope & Lancaster). Therefore, nurses “should perform a cultural assessment on every client with whom they interact with” (Stanhope &…show more content…
With Hindi as the client’s native language, Mrs. P and the brother can only speak Hindi, compared to the mother and father who can both read and speak the native language. Socioeconomic Considerations With occupation and education, the client’s dad has a master’s in business and works for Gateway computers. The client’s mom has a degree in psychology and is a housewife, and the younger brother has degree from UCSD for management science and economics and works at Boeing. As for Mrs. P, the client works as a teacher, having earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of California, Riverside, and Mr. P works as a neuro-surgeon, with a bachelor’s degree in cellular and molecular biology and in computer engineering, and masters in computer engineering. Receiving no financial assistance, the client seemed satisfied in the current socioeconomic class of upper middle class because there are no plans of changing job. Currently owning a home with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a living room, dining room, loft, and patio, the living arrangements for Mrs. P appear sufficient for a future family to live in. Value Orientation According to Mrs. P, respect for elders, a good education, good family background and connections, religion, and good ethics for society, are values that are held highly within the family’s culture. Education and a highly held position in a career are very important
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