Nurse Ellen Savage Against The Current National Competency Standards

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Nursing over the few centuries has dramatically changed in relation to the higher growing need for medical attention, this essay will assess the work of nurse Ellen Savage against the the current National Competency Standards (NCS) for a registered nurse, and will evaluate her practice in comparison to the current for a registered nurse. The essay will read, an introduction of nurse Ellen Savage and her work as a nurse in the 1900’s, the competency standards of the 19th century, current competency standards and domains and lastly the comparison of Ellen Savage to the current competency standards The nurse explored in this essay is registered nurse, midwife and child health care nurse Ellen Savage. Savage joined the Australian Army Nursing Service in early 1941, here she served in the Australian General Hospital in Concord, Sydney (Gendek, 2007; Prior, 2013). March of 1942, Savage was posted to board the Australian Hospital ship the Centaur where she would collect injured service men from Papua New Guinea (Daly, Speedy & Jackson, n.d.; Gendek, 2007). Early morning of the 14th of May the Centaur was hit by a torpedo from a Japanese submarine causing the ship to sink in under three minutes (Gendek, 2007; Prior, 2013). Ellen was the only nurse to survive the attack, however she did obtain severe injuries of her own including fractured ribs, fractured nose and palate, perforated eardrums and multiple bruising including a badly bruised eye (Daly, Speedy & Jackson, n.d.; Gendek,

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