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Nurse Extern and Residency Programs for Undergraduate and Newly Graduated BSN RNs The National Center for Health Workforce Analysis estimates that “the supply of nurses will be 29% less than what is needed by the year 2020, based on a projected increase in demand of 40% and only a 6% increase in supply” (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2002). This shortage is due to many factors, one of the most significant being newly graduated nurses leaving their jobs or the profession of nursing all together within the first year of practice after graduating (Harrison, Stewart, Ball, & Bratt, 2007). Some of the most commonly cited reasons for leaving include a feeling of a lack of clinical competence and confidence, a disconnect between what was imagined and the ‘real’ world experience, and a lack of support in the workplace (Chappy, Jambunathan, & Marnocha, 2010). Background There is a great deal of research focused on student anxiety in clinical settings. Some of the key stressors for students include fear of causing harm to a patient, feeling like an outsider, reality shock and a lack of socialization into the healthcare organization (Houghton, Casey, Shaw, & Murphy, 2012). Other sources indicate that the feeling of lack of preparedness comes from “the ‘gap’ between educational institutions and the practice setting, the quality of undergraduate clinical placements, the need for students to feel a sense of belonging within the clinical environment, and the lack of

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