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Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring Caring Moment - “The moment (focal point in space and time) when the nurse and another person come together in such a way that an occasion for human caring is created” In Jean Watson's theory of caring she has tried to make “explicit nursing's values, knowledge, and practices of human caring that are geared toward subjective inner healing processes and the life world of the experiencing person, requiring unique caring-healing arts and a framework called "carative factors," which complemented conventional medicine, but stood in stark contrast to "curative factors." At the same time, this emerging philosophy and theory of human caring sought to balance the cure orientation of medicine, giving…show more content…
Every time I had a caring moment with a patient it was not always a positive outcome. With some patients when we try to hold their hand or take care of them or give them the encouragement or support that they're looking and it backfires. The patient becomes upset defensive and has a belief that you are not addressing their needs as quickly or as appropriately as they would like. When walking into a patient's units in pain and you put your hand on their hand the offer some support turns into the patient wondering why you're there and why can't they have anything more for pain and so on. When dealing with the public especially in healthcare you must always remember that the patient is the customer. When we are taking care of the customer that we must do it as respect fully and as efficiently as possible. The patient needs to feel that they are feeling as if they are the only one that matter. Usually when creating the caring moment, the patient is very receptive to words of encouragement. Talking to them and caring for them holding their hand or looking at them and giving them a smile and nod showing that we are aware and do care. As nurses we must always be aware of the patient's condition and how they are feeling in order to have a caring moment. The patient comes back from surgery and they are nauseated, are in an
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