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My colleague’s name is Miss Judy.
Miss Judy is the Quality Assurance /staff educator/infection control nurse at the skilled nursing facility where I work. What is most fascinating and admirable about Miss Judy is that, she has 3 job descriptions that she manages to multitask on a daily basis. I really commend her for what she does because I have seen her work relentlessly in a dependable manner. She is a nurse leader I greatly admire and aspire to be like.
Recently, I made an appointment to meet with her in her office. During our meeting, I learnt a lot more about her career path and told her she inspires me. She narrated how she came into the role of a Quality Assurance/staff educator/Infection control preventionist nurse. She mentioned that she had quite an interesting journey from working as a Geriatric nursing assistant for 4
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So, she was given a few working hours as a RN, which eventually became full time hours with much patience. At the skilled nursing facility, she said she learnt fast and felt the need to prove herself to anyone who cared. She said she excelled with her nursing skills, communication, documentation, patient care, patient admissions and discharges. Eventually, the administration at the facility proposed a better opportunity for her well demonstrated nursing skills. She was offered a much more challenging job as Quality Assurance, infection control preventions and staff development/educator. Though thrilled, she said she knew at the time that she was somewhat unprepared and untrained for her new upcoming role that entailed 3 job descriptions. So she told the administrator of the facility that she needed more training as a Quality Assurance nurse to effectively manage her job duties .So she was sent off to a 3 months intensive
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