Nurse Jackie And Assisted Suicide

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Nurse Jackie and Assisted Suicide Ethical dilemmas exist everywhere around us in everyday situations. Something as simple as picking up a piece of trash off the floor to whether you should use a previously written paper from a separate class for a current assignment in this class. It exists in reality and even on television shows. How, then, do people resolve these ethical dilemmas and how do they defend their decisions? Nurse Jackie is a television series impregnated with ethical dilemmas, especially in medical care. In this paper, I will discuss the ethical issues found in the “Tiny Bubbles” episode of Nurse Jackie. I will further discuss the ethical reasoning with support of ethical principles. In addition, I will discuss how patient’s autonomy and non-maleficence principle of bioethics plays a role in decision making. Overall, there was a difficult struggle on the ethical theory of and utilitarianism, with ethical relativism playing a huge factor. Description of Media Selection In the “Tiny Bubbles” episode of Nurse Jackie, Paula, an old friend came to see Jackie at the hospital to ask for help. Paula, a fellow nurse in All Saints Hospital, had to retire a years ago because of lung cancer. Paula’s oncologist informed her that she is left with no treatment options and should check into a hospice for palliative care. However, Paula refuses to face the indignity of being in hospice care. She indirectly implores the help from Jackie to expedite her death. Paula prefers a

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