Nurse Leader Interview : Nursing

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Nurse Leader Interview
Samwel Rorya
Southwestern college professional studies
NURS330: Nursing Leadership and Management
Instructor: Pat Howell
February14, 2016 Nurse Leader Interview
1. Obtain a copy of the nursing organization chart. What is the position of this role within the institution 's/agencies administrative hierarchy? What is the relationship of this position with other departments/areas within the institution/agency? Director of Nursing
2. What are the responsibilities of this individual/role? As a DON I’m responsible for quality of care the organization deliver to our patients. Also I’m responsible for creating health work environment and to empower my staff. Another responsibility is budgeting in nursing department, also I
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We do our evaluation every year on the anniversary of your hired day or after anniversary. As nursing leader I usually do good reviewed before I have a meeting with my employee. Then I make sure that I have an appropriate setting for performance evaluation. I usually meat with my employee every year unless if there is any issue need to be addressed to improve performance I will meet with employee and address it.

5. How does the nurse manager communicate with various departments within the institution? In our organization use Pagers, phones, fax and email for communication, also we have conferences where we meet face to face. We do have stand up meeting every day in the morning between seven and eight am.
6. What organizational skills does this individual believe are essential to this position? What patterns of communication are essential to this position? Action skilled is number one on this position, this is where you use your knowledge, critical thinking to make quick and healthier decision. Also you need personnel management skilled like time management and how to set your priorities. Social and good communication skills is need also when working as DON because we deal with a lots of people from deferent back ground
7. What are the major quality initiatives at this institution/agency and how are they chosen? How are the results communicated to all staff? Identify one nursing sensitive quality indicator at this institution/agency, the current
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