Nurse Leaders : The Backbone Of Healthcare Industries

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Nurses, who make up the majority of the healthcare workers, are the backbone of healthcare industries. Their knowledge, skills, and commitment to their patients make them a true aspect of nursing. For many years, the role of nurses became more complex due to the changes of the healthcare needs of the population. It has evolved from providing care at bedside to becoming a part of an interdisciplinary team. Nurses are guided by nurse leaders who provide motivation and inspiration for the nurses to become successful in their practice. Nurse leaders are passionate about what they do and have a clear vision of their goals and how to achieve them. In addition, they are trustworthy and show respect to others. They have good time-management and organizational skills, and are excellent communicators. Nurse leaders are committed to excellence and empowers staff to become a better provider for the patients.
Ineffective Leadership Problems
Lack of Communication To become a great nurse leader, one must possess leadership skills and qualities that will enable them to run a unit successfully. Without it, not only is the department affected, but entire organization as well. One of the leadership problems I have identified is the lack of communication between the nurse leader and staff. Communication is extremely important. Nurse leaders must dedicate time to talk to staff on daily basic during rounding, whether it’s done individually or through a huddle. Monthly meetings
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