Nurse Management and Leadership Case Study

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Nurse Management and Leadership Case Study Nurse Management and Leadership Case Study Introduction Good leadership is necessary in every business organization. When it comes to nursing, every health center must have a good leadership that supports the nurses so that they can maximize their performance. However, for leadership to be of good quality there needs to be a good working environment in all aspects (Pinelli et al., 2004). The following is a case study illustrating an ideal working environment that supports good nurse leadership in health institutions. Type of Organization The organization that I would like to work in is a medium sized health care center. The facility is equipped with all the necessary gear needed to…show more content…
As a graduate nurse leader, the responsibility will mainly be focused on mobilizing the other nurses to make sure they have delivered good quality services so as to promote patient outcomes. Communication on all levels will be important and therefore there must be frequent meetings to discuss issues that affect the nurses and the facility in general. Every nurse, regardless of their level of work, will be given an opportunity to air their views during these meetings and their opinions will be used in the decision making process. The communication process is also facilitated through in-organization research where the satisfaction level of all employees is measured. Nurses may sometimes be asked to answer some questionnaires that will be used to assess their attitudes towards the facility and what can be altered to make the workplace more comfortable for them. Research will also be taken seriously in practice to make sure everything is done accurately for the benefit of all the stakeholders of the facility. The Ohio Board of Nursing- Nurse Practice Act Performance as a graduate nurse must be in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Ohio board of nursing (Pinelli et al., 2004). The nurses must all be assesses and licensed by this board to make sure that they are qualified for the roles they play in the facility. The board is in full support of the facility and its method of governance because it promotes professionalism among the nurses. It
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