Nurse Manager Orientation Proposal

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Nurse Manager Orientation Proposal The purpose of orientation is to motivate employees, reduce turnover rates, and to lower the new employee anxieties (Ragsdale, 2005). Nurses have a great responsibility regardless of the positions and roles they play. The orientation program is needed to help nurses understand the responsibility of the position and to build the confidence they need to succeed. Whether a nurse has experience or not, transitioning into a new position can be thrilling or threatening (Dellasega, 2009). Nurses transitioning to an advanced practice role or specialty roles may require more support. The goals of the nurse manager orientation are to orientate managers to the mission and values, provide overview of the structure, decision making bodies, and key functions, and to articulate specific expectations about performance and responsibility for compliance (New Manager Orientation Program). Nurse Manager Orientation The Nurse Manager has the responsibility to sustain quality, safety, innovation, efficiency, financial performance, and to assure that the staff is prepared and capable of delivering required patient care (Cathcart, 2010). The orientation can be accomplished in an efficient and cost effective manner that meets HR and JACHO requirements. For experienced new hires, managers can be given an Employee Handbook and a Staff Education packet. They can read them, complete the tests, and hand the required materials back to the Nurse Educator. A part of
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