Nurse Midwife : A Health Care Provider For Women

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Holly Spangler Ms. Mills English 12 CB 2 April 2015 Nurse Midwife They say home is where the heart is. Have you ever wanted your doctor to come see you at your home? Instead of going out to the doctor’s office where you could catch something worse than what you already have. If you’re a female then you should contact a midwife. A midwife is a primary health care provider for women throughout their lifespan. This means that midwives preform physical exams, prescribe medications including contraceptive methods, order laboratory tests as needed, provide prenatal care, gynecological care, labor and birth care, as well as health education and counseling to women of all ages (American College of Nurse-Midwives). CNM-attended births account for 10% of all spontaneous vaginal births in the United States, and 7% of all U.S. births in total. Of these deliveries, 97% occur in hospitals, 1.8% in freestanding birth centers and 1% at home. CNMs (Certified Nurse-Midwives) and their colleagues, certified midwives (CMs), provide family-centered primary healthcare to women throughout their reproductive lives (American Dental Education Association). Nurse Midwives must earn at least a bachelor’s degree in one of the specialty roles. APRNs (advanced practice registered nurses) must also be licensed registered nurses in their state and pass a national certification exam (United States). You have to take some classes, courses in anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology are common (United States)

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